Monday, September 29, 2008

It's (not such) A Wonderful Life

George! Where did you go?

Here's how your elected representatives voted on HR 3997: Economic Stabilization/Bail Out Bill.

26 David Dreier Rep Y
32 Hilda Solis Dem N
38 Grace Napolitano Dem N
39 Linda Sanchez Dem N
40 Edward Royce Rep N
42 Gary Miller Rep Y
43 Joe Baca Dem N
44 Ken Calvert Rep Y

Congressional Map of California
Voting Record on HR 3997


Andrew said...

i know some people may disagree, but i don't think a bailout of 700billion dollars of money that doesn't quite exist should be approved.

Anonymous said...

No anduhrew, your right, a depression is better. Let everyone suffer because of the extreme greed and exploitation of the financial sector.

Ed said...

No business, cars

I'll watch that movie with a completely new appreciation for George Bailey and the Bailey Building and Loan Association.

If the LA Times numbers were right, WAMU lost $16 billion in deposits in two weeks. I guess they needed George to tell everyone to just take what they needed rather than emptying their accounts.

We're seeing history being made!

Andrew said...

The new plan passed. It sounds a lot better. let's hope they use the money to have some co-ownership of those banks instead of buying up junk.