Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gold Line

Last evening I attended a community meeting at the Palomares Community Center hosted by Councilmember Debra Martin to discuss the Gold Line train. It seems that the EIR (Environmental Impact Report) was certified in the past week and the city has some major issues with the mitigation plans for the line as it runs through Pomona.

The main issues appear to be:

  • A flyover at Towne Avenue
  • The Station and how it impacts Garey
  • Lack of response to city concerns by the Gold Line Authority
The Gold Line, which will be completed to Azusa by 2014/15 runs alongside the BNSF tracks. Once extended, it would meet up with the MetroLink tracks at the east end of Pomona and all 3 lines would run along the same right-of-way out to Montclair. This causes a problem because the Gold Line runs to the north side of the BNSF tracks but in Pomona there is a warehouse spur which runs to the north so the Gold Line will have to "cross-over" the tracks to between the BNSF and MetroLink tracks in Pomona. The plan is for the crossover to take place at Lone Hill in Glendora and then the crossback to occur at Towne. This would mean that a large bridge over Towne would be constructed which, in its initial drawings is ugly and would negatively impact the neighborhoods at that area. PLUS: the BNSF and Metrolink trains would still have at grade crossings at Towne.

The issue at Garey is that the at grade crossing there is already causing a lot of gate closures and major delays for traffic on Garey. Adding another train every 10 minutes would increase the number of gate closings on this busy intersection.

The city would like to see all the tracks moved below grade and would like to see if something can't be done with the spur which services only 1 single warehouse.

The city has been pointing out these problems throughout the process and is upset that the Authority has pushed through the EIR with a Statement of Overriding Circumstances without addressing these negative impacts. The city is now considering whether or not they should pursue litigation under CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act).

An interesting topic. Too bad there were fewer than a dozen citizens in attendance, while there were at least half a dozen city staff there, including the Mayor, Councilperson Martin, and Councilperson Escobar. I'm sure that had there been more interest that we would have seen some interesting alternatives put forward. However, it's almost as if no one in the city cares.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kong Returns to Pomona Fox

Click for larger view

Friends of the Pomona Fox are proud to present the return of King Kong to Pomona Sunday, March 24 at 2:00 pm (doors open at 1:00 pm--those who purchase tickets online will be admitted 15 minutes early). $8 adults, $3 children 12 and under. Tickets are available at our web site: or at the door.
King Kong was released in March of 1933, but didn’t make it to the Pomona Fox until May of the same year. To promote Kong, the giant Kong head used in the film was put on display outside the theater where locals could have their photos taken with Kong (bottom). Another photo from the period (top) shows large crowds assembled for the closing night of the film

Kong made his mark in Pomona, and we’re very happy to be able to repay him on his 80th birthday, with this very special program. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KONG!

In addition to the screening of Kong, there will be lobby displays including a giant Kong hand and arm where you can take a souvenir photo (bring your own camera/cell phone) and other memorabilia from the film, and a panel discussion and some special film surprises.

This program is made possible through the generous assistance of our program sponsors. Special thanks to Scott Essman for putting together this program and to all of our volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure a quality program.