Thursday, September 12, 2013

Community Hero!!

Pomona Police & the Pomona Community Mourns the Loss of Bloodhound “Willow”

The Pomona Police Department regrets to inform you that their senior police bloodhound, Willow, died early this morning, Sept. 12, 2013 while being treated for gastric torsion.

Just after midnight this morning, Officer Joe Hernandez rushed Willow to the Animal Hospital where she was diagnosed with severe gastric torsion, and found to be in need of immediate surgery. Once the surgery began, the gravity of Willow’s condition was revealed and Willow passed soon thereafter.

The Pomona Police Department and all of its members are saddened by Willow’s passing. Willow was an outstanding member of the department and has been referred to as a Hero on several occasions for her countless finds.  There is not a police or sheriff’s department around Pomona that has not called upon Willow to help with finding either a dangerous suspect or a missing person. She is not just a Hero of Pomona, but a Hero of the entire Inland Empire. Most recently, Willow even took on the role of a “training officer” as she was assisting Officer Hernandez in training our junior police bloodhound “Jax.” Soon the Pomona Police Department will prepare a news story that highlights Willow’s career and many accomplishments.

Michael Olivieri, Captain
Operations Division, Canine Unit Commander

This notice was copied from the DPOA's web site.