Monday, October 22, 2007

smoke gets in your skies

I don't know which fire it's coming from, but the sunlight this morning has definitely got that weird smoky cast. It's almost apocalyptic feeling. Beware of vampires!

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KF said...

Speaking from last night's airborne experience: Ontario, just south of the airport. It was moderately bad, and looking like it was about to get worse. As I can attest to by the fact that our pilot last night not only took the Santa Ana approach, but failed to put the plane down on the first go-round, pulling up at about 500 feet off the runway, and circling around again. So we got a much better look at the fire than we really wanted, as we were being told that he was going to give it one more shot, and if it didn't work, we were going to LAX.

(He managed to land at Ontario on the second pass, and we were all quite stunned that he'd pulled it off once we actually walked out into the sandstorm in the pickup area.)