Tuesday, December 4, 2007

mid-week update

So, I called the city this morning about a composting program. The person on the phone was quite friendly and gave me the phone number of the head honcho, except that she is out with the flu or a bad cold (interlocutor wasn't sure which but said that boss was really miserable yesterday). More info to come.

I never did find a home for the kittens, although I found a home for the mom. They are now at the obnoxious-teenager stage, which is starting to annoy Voiceover (our cat). In order to avoid dealing with them, Voiceover either wants to stay indoors or lights out for the frontier across the street (where he scraps with various adult cats).

Clearly, this cannot be borne; the kittens must go, and before they start spawning. I called six different pet-rescue places this morning, and none of them have space. I have advertised at work, twisted friends' arms, put ads in the Recycler and Craigslist, and been generally obnoxious to everyone. The only thing I haven't done is take them to the Farmers Market and sit next to the bouncy house and the coloring-book station, and I'm afraid that if I do that, my friends with kids will never speak to me again.

Do I take them to the pound and hope for the best? Call animal control? What's a meg to do?


DR said...

If you let us know what day, I'll forgive you because we'll avoid the market that week ...

Ed said...

Please....Let us all know what day!!

Seriously, if you aren't willing to alter and adopt, have the IVHS pick them up. There are many different paths, but I don't see you achieving the outcome that you want.

meg said...

I've talked to my neighbor, and she's going to alter and adopt the kittens on friday. K and I are going to chip in on the fees. She already has a passle of cats, so I'm just hoping that they figure out that her house is home, not ours.

And tomorrow I'm taking the mom to the vet for alteration, as the home I found for her isn't available until after Christmas.