Sunday, December 27, 2009

glory glory hallelujah

I don't recommend the crappy Chinese restaurant in Chino Hills that a friend dragged me to for lunch the other day, but I do recommend the drive back.

Just after you pass under the 60 heading north on Garey, you've got the most glorious view: Reddening sweetgum trees lining the road, palm trees in the median, and a snow-capped mountain straight ahead, as if Garey went directly to the summit. I don't know what mountain it is -- something west of the Baldy/Etiwanda/Cucamonga complex.

If I could have stopped the car and taken a photo from the middle of the road, I would have. Since I couldn't preserve the experience, you'll just have to make the drive yourself.


Anduhrew said...

MY Favorite View of Pomona is RIGHT next to that. It's on the 71 North as you're exiting Rio Rancho. It's really the same view but from above

Anduhrew said...

p.s. which chinese food place was it?

Pomonagonik said...

took this from the point near the 71

but its definitely not the same as driving up garey with the trees and mountains aligned that way. pretty for sure

Irene said...

Wish I'd taken a picture of my favorite view, but the sights from the giant "C" on the cal poly campus is a lovely far-off vantage point.
For street level views, I think cruising up Garey is the proverbial bee's knees.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

I get warm fuzzies driving north on Garey, too. I wish the palm-filled median stretched all the way to Foothill.

colleeeen said...

Your mountain is probably Mt. Baden-Powell. It's the highest peak to the left of Mt. Baldy, after the mountains dip down a bit above the San Gabriel River drainage.