Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the h-word in p-town

It's been ages since Our Ed has posted his Pomona homicide report -- or indeed posted anything at all. I notice that the LAT has gotten back on the bike (they had a homicide report long ago, didn't they?) and has started up an interactive homicide map.

I realized this when reading the sad story of a girl who was killed at Olive and Glenroy when two guys pulled up in a car, asked if she and her friend were affiliated with a gang, and then shot them when they said no. "Olive and Glenroy" was colored and highlighted, so I clicked through, and lo and behold, there was an interactive homicide map.

And you know what it told me? It told me that there have been 21 homicides since Jan. 1, 2007 within two miles of that intersection. Which is all fine and dandy until you realize that there have been FORTY within two miles of Towne and Columbia.

That's right, people -- us District 4 "rich white people" (as Cristina Carrizosa once called us) are some bad-ass muthafuckas. You'd better be in it to win it if you gonna mess with the Craftsman Crips, because we will take a brotha DOWN. Statistics don't lie: We are twice as murderous as Dictrict 2, and don't you forget it.


Pride in Garfield Park said...

Yeah, I was glad to see the interactive homicide map (though sad to see the homicides with which I interacted -- well, you know what I mean).

Indeed, lots of homicides in our neck of the woods. I sure hope the city's recent receipt of a "Weed and Seed" grant from the Department of Justice for this area of town will make a difference.

Despite the very agricultural-sounding name, these grants "weed out" negative elements (e.g., gang members) and "seed" the void with positive programs and services (e.g., a new community center across the street from Garfield Park).

meg said...

Make that 41 homicides, as of Saturday night. (Hey, don't look at me -- I wasn't even home!)

Ed said...

I heard someone was shot, but did he die?

meg said...

Ed! You're alive! We've missed you!

Yes, indeed, he did die, after a day or two hovering at the brink. Sad stuff for all concerned, including those of us who aren't personally connected.