Wednesday, August 11, 2010

big ups

Hello from the Rocky Mountains! K. and I are on our annual while-there's-still-gas road trip, but that doesn't mean I'm not keeping my eye on m-m-m-my Pomona and environs.

I notice that there were 12 homicides in LA County last week, and that none of them were in Pomona. That carried me back to the LAT homicide map, where I note with pleasure that we haven't had a homicide since May. MAY!!! You know what that makes us? Sweetness and light distilled.

I'm probably jinxing it by pointing it out, but civic boosterism should never succumb to the quirky demands of superstition.

Get out there and continue to be peaceful law-abiding non-homicidal maniacs, people!


goga said...

Pomona is comin' up in the world, in the universe! Have no fear Pomona, we won't let you down again, unless you wanna be let down, but there's nothing left in Pomona's future but a paradisaical heaven.

John Clifford said...

Unfortunately, we had a homicide this weekend, but the three perpetrators appear to have been apprehended in short order.