Friday, December 3, 2010

They're Baaaccckkkk!!

Yesterday was out in the yard adding to the Christmas lights/decorations (something that goes on for at least 3 weeks) when I heard them. Moments later the sky was full of green and the sound rivaled the roar from the dragsters at the fairgrounds.

Yes, the yearly migration of the Arcadia / Temple City parrots has begun. Last year Meg blogged about it on November 27, so it seems they're a little late this year.

Let's just hope they don't "rain on our parade."


Skrip said...

I've never seen them out here. Maybe they only visit the historic area since there are more mature trees per square feet than the rest of Pomona. And I'm not sure they're fond of Eucalyptus (Ganesha Hills & Phillips). Claremont might be a little to 'easty'.

John Clifford said...

Actually it seems like they also like the area around Cal Poly and/or Bonnelli Park as they seem to circle toward the west.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

We get them in Garfield Park, too. Welcome back, babies!

Anonymous said...

Noisy and dirty they are, leaving their droppings all over the place under tress where they roost. Last year was a nightmare on my patio and for the cars that got bombed. This year the trees here were trimmed just in time so they're around but not right overhead.

This isn't good... it's nature out of balance and it's what happens when a species runs amok without natural predators outside of their native habitat.