Saturday, February 19, 2011

Continue the calendar?

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the Pomona Events Google calendar, I find myself contemplating whether its continuation is worth the effort.

The original plan was to create a visible, easy-to-use tool for people to find all the rockin' events folks in our city organize. This goal has been partially realized: local bloggers embedded the calendar feed into their blogs, people mention every now and again that they look to the calendar for activity ideas, and some of the many people/organizations who have been invited to post their events do just that. That said, I know a bunch of great events don't make it onto the calendar.

I had put in a good deal of effort up front in hope the calendar would take on a life of its own, with little energy needed on my part to keep it going. Thus far, this hasn't happened, and I've been doing a poor job keeping up with the posts.

The calendar limps along. I'm not satisfied with it in its current state, but I don't have any more time to contribute to it.

Do people find the calendar helpful? If no, is it time to scrap the calendar? If yes, is anyone willing to volunteer one hour per month to help populate the calendar with content? Are there any folks out there organizing events that would be willing to learn how to post their own events (I can show you everything you need to know in 15 minutes)?


Ms. Lois said...

Hi Pride,

I enjoy putting library events on it but I don't know enough of what's going on in the city to take it over. I hope someone does though because I enjoy it.

Ed said...

I should have more time, so shoot me an email on what I should do.

Personally, I enjoy seeing the events on my google calendar. Too many great ideas get started in this city and lose traction through fatigue. Let's keep this one going.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

And I'm happy to continue being a part of it; it's just clear that the little time I'm able to give the project isn't sufficient.

Can anyone else pitch in an hour a month? With three or four of us on the job, we'd be in good shape.

Ed, I'll get in touch.

ed said...

pleeeeeease keep it going. would you be open listing concerts? help from dpoa?

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Yeah, the categories are already in place for things like concerts, happy hours, etc. DPOA sometimes sends announcements to the calendar's e-mail (but, so far, haven't wanted to add their own content directly to the calendar).