Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

As we've left 2011, we now have 2012 to look forward to. This should be an interesting year in our fair city. 

Hopefully the city will move forward on a general plan and the specific plans for the various corridors. How will the elimination of the Redevelopment Agency affect this?

Moving into the new year the Friends of the Pomona Fox has a slate of programs through about May which will be announced as soon as dates are confirmed. The Opera Company has a season set, and the Fox and Glass House are continuing to book quality programs into our thriving downtown.

As always, Pomona Heritage will have its Home Tour in October, and other events as the year progresses and we've always got the downtown 2nd and 4th Saturday events to look forward to.

By May, we should be seeing a flurry of activity leaning toward our civic elections on November 6. Three council districts will be holding elections (the 1st --currently with Danielle Soto representing the area from Garey West to the city line and from the 10 Freeway south to 2nd Street; the 4th--currently with Paula Lantz representing the area from Garey East to the county line and from the 10 freeway south to 2nd Street; and the 6th--currently with Stephen Atcheley representing all of the city north of the 10 freeway; Mayor--currently Elliott Rothman, representing the entire city). Over half of the voting members of the council will be up for election. Sounds like a good time to let our voices be heard regarding what we expect for the next four years.

In addition, there will be at least 2 city items on the ballot with the initiative to restructure how council members are elected in the future, going away from voting limited to districts and expanded to elections for district council members being held on a city-wide basis; and the proposed charter amendments from the Charter Review Commission which completed its work last May. I'm sure there will be a number of posts on both of these issues of vital importance to the city's future.

So with visions of Trash Transfer stations in our past and civic elections in our future, let's hope that we have a good and productive year in Pomona.

Happy New Year!


calwatch said...

Don't forget that the City Council lines move too in 2012.

And did you know that the Three Valleys Municipal Water District (best known for having a convicted liar as a public official) is now planning to split the City of Pomona into four districts, when only two were needed in the past and only three are mathematically necessary? Or did the Sacramento consultants forget that there is Pomona north of Foothill Boulevard and west of Garey Avenue? Talk about an obscure topic - but one necessary so that all of our citizens can be represented. (Not to mention splitting up Walnut into three districts!) Look at the map at and email your objections to - details at

John Clifford said...

Absolutely! Forgot about the city council boundaries changes. Although, since it takes an action by council, it may be a long time coming.

The 3-Valleys changes are interesting. I'll be sure to try and keep up on that one as well.

And, for the preservationists and property people out there. It appears that the Redevelopment Agency issue transfers all RDA assets to the state. This includes the large amount of property that the Pomona RDA has. I've heard that the state doesn't want property but cash so there may be a fire sale. Again, something to keep a close eye on.


John Clifford said...

Tuesday will be a special council meeting (at 5:30 pm) to discuss two items.

1. Moving forward with a Bike Master Plan.

2. Discussion of new boundaries for the districts based on the 2010 census. It looks like Districts 5 and 6 will be most impacted with district 5 having lost over 10% population and district 6 having gained over 10% population. Trying to equalize will affect the boundaries of all districts as 6 is at the extreme north of the city and 5 at the extreme south.