Thursday, April 12, 2012

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For those of you reading by RSS feed, a certain Anonymous -- not sure which of our many -- has begun an interesting conversation in the comments of a three-year-old post about the murder of Emilio Moncayo. I refer you to the "Recent Comments" sidebar if you're interested. Feel free to add your two cents either there or here. (If you add them there, there will be a pause while I approve -- any comments more than two weeks old must be approved, as an anti-spam device.)

In other news, I was down in Pomona all of last week -- sorry not to have seen many of y'all. The old nabe is as beautiful as ever, although there seems to be more activity in the alleys (which the PPD seem to be addressing with more assiduousness than in years previous).

I believe the image is the magnificent work of Juan Thorp at Bunny Gunner, but I'm not entirely sure.


John Clifford said...

Interesting that Meg asks why anon is taking so much time to keep this blog alive. It does seem that blogs, in general -- perhaps with the exception of David Allen's -- are a dying breed. But I'm still here.

Which brings me to a comment on this, which I didn't when it originally ran as I had no special knowledge to help the conversation. I don't think anyone here is trying to lower our property values. But the shooting WAS news and that's what a good blog is about, reporting the things going on in the neighborhood. We're NOT trying to trash this town that we have chosen and that we love. But that doesn't mean that we think it's perfect, and we want it to be. By shining light on our flaws, we can correct them.

Now, It also appears that I was singled out.

Anon states " . . . the various biased interests that blog here. Thats also the reason that nobody except for the inner circle of Pomona Heritage and a couple of city officials frequents this place..."

Since Meg was a member of PH but was not all that active, and I haven't seen Pomona Joe, Andrew, Calwatch, Pride in Garfield Park, nor LaLa at a PH meeting, I can only assume that the reference is to me. I WAS a member of the board for about 4 years and continue to work on their web site (although in a very limited role). I'm currently a member of the Historical Society board, am the historic consultant on the Mayfair Hotel project, was a charter review commissioner, and am President of Friends of the Pomona Fox, so why are you picking on PH? Please don't take anything I say here as an "official" stance of PH, nor any other organization to which I am a member. What I say here are MY opinions.

I'm so sick of supposed "leaders" in Pomona saying that if you say something negative you're anti-Pomona. I guess your a good citizen if you turn a blind eye to the problems within the city and do NOTHING to fix them. Because, of course, there are no problems in Pomona.

Ren said...

I think Images of Pomona is doing a good job in letting people know what's going on.Now as far as bad news I'll let the newspaper do that, and JC kind of upset that you didn't say anything about Images of Pomona. Am no David Allen but then I don't try to be.I recall one time Meg wrote about how she would like to get all the Mexicans off the street by not giving them Lic. to drive.Well Meg try to get this one Mexican off the street.Not very nice Meg.And I also reported about the guy who was stealing Pomona's History.Maybe Meg should of said lets get all these Mexican Blogs off the street,Meg go ahead and make my day.

meg said...

Ren, I'm horrified that you think I'm in the get-the-brown-folks-off-the-streets camp! You must be confusing me with someone else; here's just one post in which I take a stand against the DUI checkpoints (as excuses for arresting people for Driving While Brown):

I also spoke in front of city council twice on the subject (both times opposing checkpoints). It may be the one thing Cristina Carrizosa and I agree on, and something that I apparently disagree with the rest of M-M-M-My Pomona's bloggers about.

John's larger point about the decline of blogging is well taken, but there are some, like Images of Pomona, that keep the torch going -- and thank goodness!

John Clifford said...

YIKES!! Sorry REN. You're really THE MOST ACTIVE of all the bloggers out there. And it was through your diligence that we're able to stop the tearing down of Pomona history in downtown.

The slight was COMPLETELY unintentional and I apologize. Please keep up the good work.

Skrip said...

All you guys rock (Cliff, Meg, Ren and others) and I respect all the work you do, much less, take the time to do without anyone asking you to.

If you didn't, no one probably would.

Keep it up.