Friday, May 17, 2013

Proposed City Budget 2013/14

If you are interested in keeping an eye on the city budget, you can look at it here:

proposed city budget 2013/14

The budget will be approved at the beginning of June, so if you have issues to raise, please write to council members ahead of time.


John Clifford said...

Specifically, June 3. The budget, while not increasing the total amount for the library, does use some of the savings from the downsizing to expand hours from 20 to 29 and have the Library open an additional day (Thursdays).

John Clifford said...

To clarify. Last year's budget included the costs of separating the library employees. That money is now available for the extra hours, as well as some funding for books (although much less than the library needs).

Pomonaforthepeople said...

Despite a massive vote in favor of funding the library--people willing to do it from their own pockets--the budget cuts $108,00 from the library budget.,,,,,,

John Clifford said...

Some information gleaned from looking at the budget and speaking with city staff.

The amount budgeted for the library next fiscal year is: $943,245, down 11.1% from last fiscal year.

Much of the last fiscal year’s budget was spent on employee buy-outs. With the cost savings by moving everyone to part time and closing the lower level of the facility, they are shifting that funding (and they have no healthcare or pension costs) to library operations. This will allow them to expand hours to 29 hours 5 days a week from 20 hours 4 days a week.

They will add one Library Manager position as a full-time position to supervise the part-time staff. They will add 2 librarian positions at 60% time (not really full-time, but benefitted).

The budget will be presented at the June 3 council meeting. At that meeting the council will vote on the budget, or they may, if they have additional questions, delay it until the June 17 meeting, or to a special meeting at some other date. In theory, they MUST have a budget in place by the start of the fiscal year, July 1, but it’s been known to drag on later than that in the past.

John Clifford said...

Well, the proposed budget was approved last night (Monday) and the library will see hours increased to 29 and days open increased to 5 from the current 20 hours over 4 days. There is also some money in there for new books, something that the library hasn't had in a year, with the exception of a few that were purchased through Friends of the Library.

The fire contract came in with a larger than anticipated increase which meant that cuts had to be made to proposed funds to powerwash city hall and the library as well as new police cars. However the police budget did increase a bit, and if I understood it correctly, fulough days will be curtailed in the PD. All good news for public safety.

NOT funded in the budget is the day labor center and the chamber of commerce. Council indicated that they might revisit both of these expenditures once they see how revenues come in.