Thursday, August 29, 2013

Join us Sept. 5 at the Library!

Come join supporters of the Library as we commemorate the increased hours of our library from the current 20 hrs/4 days/week to the expanded 29 hrs/5 days/week.

While this is still far short of what our community needs, it's a step in the right direction and we want to acknowledge the small increase in service over the past year. However, we will still be running the library with an all-part-time staff and no leadership specific to the library.

Currently, Deputy City Manager Mark Gluba is in charge of the library so his time is split between the library, his role as community information officer, and multiple other duties as a deputy city manager. Muriel Spill is doing yeoman's work as  a part-time library manager, but scheduling employees, dealing with city issues and the other myriad duties she has to do overwhelm the 20 hrs/wk that she works. Thus the library is operating, but still lacks real leadership and vision.

Please come out and visit the library on Sept. 5, listen to what the different library support organizations are doing to work together to bring the library to what the city of Pomona needs and deserves.

There will be cake and lemonade for attendings. Bring the kids and enjoy the return of at least 1 more day of service to our struggling library.

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