Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Your Pomona City Council candidates

Information on who qualified for the ballot has been posted on the City's web site. Find your district here. Note that because the Pomona City Council rejected redistricting a few years ago, District 5 (Phillips Ranch and Westmont) residents have slightly more representation than average. But don't let that stop you from voting if you live elsewhere.

Remember that the top vote getter wins, even if that percentage is less than a majority. In some cases, such as District 5 with five candidates, that could mean someone could win with only 21% of the vote. On the other hand, candidates always tend to drop out, and such a low vote total means that the winner must be extra careful to avoid being recalled should they vote the wrong way on a controversial issue.

District 2 
This generally consists of the southwest quadrant of "old" Pomona (i.e. not Phillips Ranch) and most of downtown.

Adriana Robledo - incumbent (appointed) councilwoman, former parking commissioner and Pomona Princess. Here's a bare bones website.
Tomas Ursua - former mayor, several time loser for mayor and councilman, mathematically challenged, property developer. No website yet.
(Ironically they apparently live down the street from each other, which could be somewhat awkward.)

District 3
This generally consists of southeast Pomona.

Cristina Carrizosa - incumbent councilwoman. Has served on Pomona City Council for years. Does campaign finance forms by hand. Double dipped on a pension by retiring and being reappointed to City Council in a somewhat shady deal at the start of her current term. Strong advocate for immigrant rights. No website (never had a website).

Nancy Matarrita - Community resources director. Ran for school board in 2009 and lost. Active in Youth and Family Master Plan workHas a website.

Diane Lawson - ballot title is "homemaker". Opposed wage increases on city employees. Retired from Disneyland. Not supportive of unauthorized immigrants staying in town. Other change is unspecified, but has working website.

District 5
This generally consists of Westmont, the mobile home park and graduate student housing around Cal Poly Pomona, and Phillips Ranch.

Ginna Escobar - Incumbent councilwoman. First term member. Former Miss Pomona. Was cited for stealing campaign signs of an opponent. Supported trash station, opponents claim she wasn't paying attention and texting while they were testifying. Has a website (unfortunately the colors you see are the ones on the signs in real life) and a political Facebook page. Top accomplishment on her page - perfect attendance at council meetings. To be fair, also talks economic growth, public safety, widening the 71 Freeway, and "improvement of the quality of life".

Luis Jorge Grajeda - Historic Preservation Commissioner. Realtor/businessman. Co-founder Pony Baseball LeagueRan for same office in 2010. Believes there is a disconnect between residents and current leadership (i.e. incumbent). Detailed web site.

Joshua Heredia - Businessman. No web site. No information available on past civic or community involvement.

Alicia Malone - Sheriff Lieutenant (Lakewood Station). Key points are "integrity, leadership, community safety". Ranch Hills PTA. Has a website.

Gabriel Rogers - Parole Agent/Educator (in a work capacity instructing other parole agents). Former planning commissioner. Key points are "honesty, integrity, service" (I'm seeing a trend here). Endorsed by former councilman for the district, Tim Saunders (must login to Facebook to see): "an honest person running for office ,,,, has my vote !!!!!!!" (sic) Involved in various youth programs. Has a website and a Facebook (which you must log on in order to see).

See you at the polls.


Unknown said...

Thank you for doing such good research for the citizens of Pomona. You've done a nice short synopsis of each one of us with links to websites and pertinent information. I have enjoyed your informative and positive blog for many years. 4 Positive Change in Pomona, Nancy Matarrita

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