Friday, July 27, 2007


Our realtor has an electrician she swears by, and we have great need for an electrician: Neither of our studies has an electrical outlet near the possible places for a desk. In my study, for example, the two outlets are behind the door and on the three-foot wall between the door and the closet.

Our realtor's electrician, however, does not need us. After many phone calls, promised appointments, and what not, he finally admitted that he does not have time for our job.

So, can anyone recommend an electrician?

[I have posts brewing on The Garden on Garey, the children's room at the library, and a couple of other things, but right now our electrical frustrations take precedence.]

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Goddess of Pomona said...

We have had repeated (unfortuantely) great experiences with John, who used to work out of M&M Electric (who may be the ultra-busy electricians you speak of). M&M will give you a number for John if he's working on his own right now (or let you know if he's not available). John loves old homes (lives in a craftsman in the C word himself) and loves to brain storm and think of a fix for problems (he even donated some of his own wood in order to get the lights we wanted to go flush on our porch.) I just wish we knew a similarly competent plumber!