Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vegetable Carnage

As a kid, I loved gardening. I happily grew the common, easy houseplants, like swedish ivy and jade plants and I even tried my hand at miniature roses. Twenty years of apartment living blunted my enthusiasm, so it's been interesting dealing with gardening again, in the new house.

I just bought a pair of by-pass pruners (with nasty hooked blades) and had at the roses, taking care of a month's worth of rose hips and a few small dead branches. I even cut down a vine that seemed to be happily winding its way around several of the rose bushes (yeah, the vine wasn't a rose, I'm not quite that pitiful at this stuff!). Hopefully, all that stuff I read about as a kid still applies -- who knows?

It really is strange, after all those years of having no yard, to be fussing with this stuff, and worrying about crabgrass and watering schedules and all the rest. Yow. But kinda fun.

What does this have to do with Pomona? Well, after working in the yard, I like a cold beer. I'm not sure where to get good beer in Pomona. I recently discovered the City Market (at Indian Hill and Arrow in Claremont) which has some great beer at amazing prices, plus RC Helicopters. Just what I look for in a store, but kind of a drive...

Like GoP, I enjoy shopping at the Stater Bros. on Garey in Pomona. It's great to have a grocery store within walking distance. While I share GoP's desire for nicer bread at the store, I have to admit that my real complaint is with the lack of selection of poseur beers. Last Friday, I couldn't even find Sierra Nevada beers, let alone Anchor Steam or even vaguely obscure stuff. (Although I did, in desperation, buy a twelve pack of horrendously overpriced Fat Tire Ale.)

I can only pray that there's some fabulous hidden gem down here in Pomona where I can get some nice beer for cheap...

[Umm, two posts about beer? I actually drink very little -- I'm a total lightweight -- but when I drink, I want something good...]

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Shhhhh said...

What, no pictures?! We want action shots of you with the pruners!!