Friday, August 10, 2007


Like everyone else in the neighborhood, I imagine, we got a flyer today for a local construction company (read: guy). He looks pretty cool -- lives in the area, does things we need, is licensed and bonded.

All except for one thing: his name. Who names their company TNT Construction?!? I mean, I'm sure they do a bang-up, knock-out job, but I don't even like the word "TNT" to share a sentence with our home. I can just imagine it now: K asks, "Who were you thinking of to work on that closet?" I answer, "Oh, let's just use TNT." And that's the last you ever hear from me -- and no jury in the world would convict him.


John Clifford said...

Don't know TNT but be careful. Pomona, and especially the historic districts, require permits for almost everything. MOST of the contractors who we see flyers for don't seem to know this and you can get burned pretty easily.

Oh, and it's not specific to the Historic Districts. Pomona requires a permit to change your toilet. Believe it or not.

Tomorrow's (Saturday, Aug 11) restoration workshop that Pomona Heritage is doing has a session with reps from Planning, Building, and Code Compliance for the city to explain things. We also have a session on the new tree ordinance. So come on by. It's free. The schedule is posted on the Pomona Heritage web site ( Look under "Restoration Workshop"

LinknPark said...

Actually, as the sibling of a city employee I unequivocally know that toilet comment not to be true. As a matter of fact any concrete or hardscape modifications made to your property dont need a permit unless they are structurally related, even though they may need historical commission approval. And TNT Construction is a legitimate company run by a guy with over 30 years of contracting experience, and he's a great neighboor to boot.