Friday, August 17, 2007


We received a certified letter yesterday. Well, actually, we didn't; instead we got the little orange slip saying they tried to deliver it but we weren't here. Well, actually, they didn't; I was sitting in the living room when the mail carrier dropped off our mail, and she made no attempt whatsoever to see if anyone was home. And the orange slip was already filled out, because she just walked up to the house, dropped off the mail, and went on to the next house.

That's just about the only thing I miss about living in Claremont: our wonderful postman, Tom. He's like Mr. McFeely or the benign mailman from a 1940s picture book -- and I wrote a letter to the Postmaster General praising Tom when we moved away. No response from the PG (or Tom's supervisor, whom I cc'ed), though -- maybe the letter was misdelivered.


John Clifford said...

The Pomona PO Sucks!!! When mailing the Pomona Heritage newsletter, I have to travel to Claremont or Diamond Bar. It gets in homeowners hands in one day. When I've tried to mail from Pomona, it takes a week or longer.

Not sure why this is the case, but it certainly IS.

meg said...

Good to know. Perhaps I will write a letter of complaint. I was under the impression that both Claremont and Pomona were merely satellites of the LaVerne mail center, but perhaps not -- or the suckage is at the end of the line.

Ed Tomkins said...

I like our mail delivery person. There have been occasions when USPS packages/letters were delivered on the same day by someone other than Sandy(sp?), so that may explain it.

Just a thought.

Goddess of Pomona said...

I agree with Ed about Sandy. Sandy is our mail person as well and she is awesome. The best mail carrier I've ever had. She knows everyone's names, notices when our schedules change, can often be seen out talking to the neighbors, etc. BUT, she has a substitute at least once a week and we routinely get someone else's mail on Garfield (i'm on Lincoln) always delivered by one of the subs.

Oh, and have you noticed that U.P.S. just leaves packages on porches. I've never lived anywhere that they did that! But the UPS driver drives like a bat out of hell most of the time.