Sunday, September 23, 2007


Our block is extremely catful. Nearly every house has at least one cat, and one house has five. So it took me awhile to figure out that our neighbor's cat (whom I call Wombat, because she looks like one) was not in fact our neighbor's cat, but a stray.

Specifically, it took a litter of kittens, which lives between our two houses.

My neighbor across the street has offered to go halvsies on having Wombat spayed, but I don't know what's going to happen to the kittens. I certainly am not going to pay for all three of them to be neutered, and I don't want them to become neighborhood strays and fertile menaces.

So, does anyone need a kitten? They are utterly adorable, and they are getting used to people. They eat dried food (when I put some out), and I think they'll be ready for adoption in a week or two (and would probably be just fine now). There's one grey tabby, one almost-black tabby, and an unusual-looking streaky calico. Please, ask your friends and neighbors!

I'd love to find a good home for Wombat too, for that matter. She's very sweet and affectionate, and she's only about 8 months old, I'm guessing.

Write me if you are interested in one or all of them.


Anonymous said...

You kind, wonderful soul - Just a warning - don't let the local animal control see you feeding those adorable kitties. They will declare them yours and make you capture them, provide proof of vaccinations, and pay their license fees. Just a bit of experience from another Lincoln Park "cat house" - we too tried to befriend the local strays, and it ended up really sucking.
love your blog and we love Pomona - represent!
-the puppet lady & 5 cats

meg said...

Oof, thanks for the warning, Puppet Lady! I'll be very careful. I'm working on homes for the kittens...

David said...

Just make sure there're no visitors from Melmac on your street, then.