Saturday, September 29, 2007

or is it just a game in my mind, Sharona?

Over on Claremont Insider, they wonder about our name: "hey, didn't they lose an M?"

Yes, Virginia, we did lose an M. It all started at the Pomona Heritage Restoration Workshop, back in August, where we met the new owners of the house we almost bought. They were our kind of people, so we became friends with them.

Such good friends that the other day, they confessed that it absolutely bugged the crap out of them that we had the wrong number of Ms, at least if we were trying to invoke the Knack.

Of course I rushed to the computer and listened to the song several times over. How could we have gotten that wrong?!? We can't be intellectually bankrupt in our very moniker!!! Must! Take! Action!

I counted every single Knackian stutter, and they were right: In nearly all the iterations, Doug Fieger sings four "muh"s, not five -- although there is one five and a couple of threes.

And so we had to change the name, just in service of honesty and fairness. We wouldn't want to spark some kind of SharonaGate by passing ourselves off as something we're not.


KF said...

Whew. I actually spent some brief period of time after you started this here thing debating whether or not to bring up the overabundance of Ms, finally opting just to let it go. But my brain's little case of OCD wasn't so easily assuaged; every time I'd pop by here, I'd get the itch to pull the email trigger.

So. Much. Better.

Anonymous said...

For several weeks, since your blog came to my attention, I've been playing the YouTube version of "My Sharona", probably daily. You must've done the screen capture from it 'cause the image quality, well, sucks, like the YouTube flick. I've not obsesses on the number of "muhs".

Great review on Casablanca, btw.