Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Woo hoo, Fish Fry!

I've been happily following along in David Allen's blog as he explores Pomona's dining possibilities. He just finished singing the praises of the Pomona Fish Market, which sounded like a pretty fun, low-key kinda place.

Meg & I tried cruising by last week, fairly late, only to find the place closed, and the bar next door chock o' block with a bunch of motorcyclists, with bikes lined up and down the road for quite a ways. Cool, but not scratchin' my fried-fish itch.

We headed down Friday at lunchtime, out-of-town guest in tow. The place was nothing fancy, but was reasonably friendly. It took 'em about 10 minutes to fry up our fish to order from the huge front case, and deliver them on plastic plates with plastic forks ("No knives! No knives!").

We had oysters, sand dabs (with bones), and snapper, and it all seemed pretty solid. The breading was really thin corn-meal, which was different from both the fish-fries of my southern youth and my more recent encounters with fish and chips at various pubs. I wonder if it just a tradition from another region? The place had a bunch of references to New Orleans, or perhaps the Asian counter-woman had brought it from some other place...

All in all, it was a fun, cheap lunch.


meg said...

PS: The tartar sauce was sickly sweet.

KF said...

Thin cornmeal is definitely a Louisianaism. God, this makes me homesick. Mostly for Mittendorf's where the "thin fried catfish" is so thin that it's more of a fish potato chip. Except with cornmeal.

And as long as I'm on the subject of home: sweet tartar sauce is wrong, on so many levels.

David Allen said...

You liked the meal? Whew. Glad to know I didn't steer you wrong, and also that you're reading and enjoying my blog.