Sunday, January 25, 2009

breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Having ingested more than the usual amount of wine at a neighbor's house last night, K. and I were feeling like a greasy egg-and-potato breakfast this morning, so we toddled down to Angel's Place in LaVerne. We had dinner there a while back, and I've had lunch there a couple of times, but we'd never done breakfast there.

As it turns out, I'm thinking that breakfast may be Angel's finest meal. I had a spinach omelette, which was very tasty, and K. reported the same of his gyro omelette. And the potatoes -- the most important feature of any plate where K. is concerned -- were good too. They weren't your standard diner hash browns; rather, large chunks of cooked potato were smashed together and left on the grill until they were crusty and delectable.

I will say this, though: Worst. Coffee. Ever.

Has anyone tried breakfast at Roberta's Village Inn across the street from it? I feel like we need to try it too, in the spirit of culinary adventure, but it doesn't look all that prepossessing.

Ha, fooled you -- no lunch after that big omelette for breakfast. I will, however, be making myself a proper cup of coffee.

We'll be at the Pomona Heritage election and dinner tonight, in order to sandbag, um, I mean, vote for our Ed for the board. Where will *you* be dining?


Anduhrew said...

Chinese new years eve. I'll actually be at the buddhist temple in Hacienda Heights. Year of the Ox starts tomorrow. Remember, everyone must be a vegetarian tomorrow, the first day of the year, or ghosts will come haunt you... or something like that... i actually don't know. It's also a day of rest, I love that part, no work allowed.

John Clifford said...


If you're going to breakfast in La Verne you really should try Norm's at Brackett Field Airport. Regular diner type food with a backdrop of planes taking off and landing. Kind of a fun breakfast experience.

Anonymous said...

I had a bowl of cereal for din din.

David Allen said...

Roberta's makes a standard breakfast, good but nothing out of the ordinary. It sounds like I'll have to try Norm's and Angel's.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

Well, I normally do the vegetarian thing on a daily basis. But today I was super hungry, a "bag" (that's right, a bag) of tuna was the only thing in sight. After I ate it, I remembered Anduhrew's admonition about ghosts. Here goes nothing..bring it on Year of the Ox.

Ren said...

Hard to belive that Dave never ate at Norm`s they have great food during the summer time or anytime is to sit outside and watch the planes take off and land.Like JC said its a fun place to eat wow that sounds good for lunch you all talked me into it Norm`s for lunch.

calwatch said...

Hey, maybe this Norm's is better than the one I normally frequent (the one that has the sign "We Never Close"). Not open at midnight though, I bet.

meg said...

Who has the "We never close" sign, calwatch? Not Maniac Mike's that's for sure.

It reminds me of the Anchor Grill in Covington, Kentucky, which had a sign reading "We may doze, but we never close." And as far as I could tell, that was true.

calwatch said...