Friday, January 16, 2009

Pomona Post Office: Take Action

Thank you to Goddess of Pomona for the excellent rant about the lack of an automatic teller at the Pomona post office. The post -- and the 12 comments it compelled -- prompted me to call the national USPS customer service number to log my concerns about the Pomona branch. I spoke with a truly amazing customer service rep (those who know me know I am rarely satisfied with customer service -- these are well-deserved accolades). She assured me she would send the complaint to the regional office.

Within 20 minutes -- no kidding -- someone from the regional office called to let me know she had initiated a feasibility review.

Today I received a letter in the mail from said regional office. It explains, "Postal headquarters determine which retail site to deploy an APC based on the actual 'candidate' revenue, which is credit/debit transactions already coming into the office that could have been done on the window. Based on a percentage of that revenue, they predict success of an APC and the odds that it would make the minimum amount of revenue per month to justify the purchase and maintenance of the machine. Pomona does not meet the minimum requirements for an APC at this time."

Argh. So we don't qualify -- I'm guessing, in part, because all of us are going to Claremont, LaVerne and other (nicer) post offices for our postal needs; our transactions aren't getting figured into the numerator or the denominator of the ratio. Let's raise a bit of a fuss. Here are some initial ideas for taking action (please post other ideas);

1. If you can muster the strength, wait in the lines at our post office to do the kinds of things one can achieve at the automatic tellers. Buy stamps, weigh packages, etc.

2. Call the regional office to express your concerns. The regional consumer affairs office, which is located in Santa Ana, can be reached at 714-662-6215. Call them, let them know your thoughts (with a smile in your voice, of course).

Pomona deserves better.


calwatch said...

Actually, the thing is to use your credit card for every transaction you do at the Pomona post office. Even if it is buying a couple of stamps. I know that most people feel it is easier to just pay cash, but if credit card usage is the standard, then the post office will just have to eat the processing charges on dollar and $2 purchases.

Anduhrew said...

Will do. I'm there!