Friday, January 8, 2010

truer words were never spoken

The word of the day (à la Pee-Wee's Playhouse) is DRINK.

DRINK is what Pride in Garfield Park and I went out for last night, pointing the car toward dba256. But as we drove past the Fox, there was a sign reading DRINK. We took this as an imperative -- there was no question mark after it -- pulled over the car, and went inside.

DRINK is the ground-level bar at the Fox, DRINK is what they serve, and DRINK is what we did. PiGP had a manhattan (although they were sadly out of cherries), and I had a dirty gin martini[1].

In the event, our drinks were served by Dan-O (Danno?), who used to serve us at dba256. And who should stop by to chat with us but Jonny, who still pours at dba. Downtown Pomona now has three rather posh (or at least non-divey) bars, and there seems to be a lot of congress between them. All three are certainly at the top of my playlist.

DRINK is very low-key and sophisticated, verging even on elegant. Lots of dark wood furniture (and chairs upholstered in either dark leather or taupey tweed), poshly-lit bar, the whole shebang. But it's not dark or moody, either (like Acerogami).

PiGP and I agreed that while excellent, DRINK could reach perfection by putting in an espresso machine and opening during the day as a coffee bar. After all, three nice bars but not a single café? That's not a proper downtown!

DRINK has wireless (locked), and the tables are already laid out in perfect coffee-bar configuration. For the price of an espresso machine and a barista, they could really turn DRINK into a unique BDTP (Beautiful DownTown Pomona) destination. Pleeeeeease?

[1] Yes, you purists, I know I shouldn't have to specify "gin" when speaking of martinis, but I dare not risk being served insipid vodka. That is what the world is coming to, yea verily, and I will go to my grave protesting. You may bury me with a bottle of Martin Miller's, or at least Plymouth.


Pride in Garfield Park said...

Please please please put in an espresso machine! I easily spend $20 a week at coffee shops and would LOVE to put those dollars into Pomona (vs. Walnut, San Dimas, and Rancho -- my usually stops on the caffeine trail). I wasn't thrilled with the coffee at Boveldt (sp?), but nevertheless supported the independent business.

Anduhrew said...

are they open every night now? I tried to go in there one day and it was closed!

meg said...

They're open weds-sun, 5 till lordonlyknows.

Pomona Joe said...

Damn, I've got to go there.