Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekend Happenings

A couple of events going on this weekend in our city:

Miss Pomona Pageant Coronation Ceremony

Saturday January 23rd. at 5pm at the Masonic Lodge, 395 S. Thomas St.

The field of 22 has been whittled down to the final 3. See who the winner is. This is being billed as a "Scholarship Pageant" and NOT a beauty pageant. Today's event will include food and beverages and the winner will be picked after a 5 minute speech from each of the remaining contestants. To RSVP or more information, (909) 469-1121

The judges are DPOA president Carolyn Hemming, Western University President Phillip Pumerantz Ph.D, Daily Bulletin Columnist David Allen, Director of Community Outreach College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences Cal Poly Pomona, Jonnie Owens, and former teacher and PUSD Board Member John Avila.

A Tribute to the USO: Buckingham Burlesque
And on a little less wholesome note:
Buckingham Burlesque att the American Legion, 239 Holt Ave., Pomona, (909) 620-0943. Saturday, 8PM. $30 pre-sale; $40 at the door. 18+.

Sometimes you’re really glad that you live in the era that you do. Sometimes. Not often, because all of the really cool stuff seems to have come and gone. Thanks to the gals at Buckingham Burlesque, however, that old-timey art of voluptuous females draped in feathers and sequins cavorting playfully on a sparkling stage and showing some—but not all—of their jewelry is alive and well. And you don’t have to hide in dark alleys and feel sleezy going to see them, like you did back in the old days of prohibition and the Moral Majority. To celebrate the ladies of the fanning fans and bubbling bubbles, Buckingham Burlesque is throwing themselves a five-year anniversary party this Saturday where you not only get to hang out at theAmerican Legion, you also get dinner, a DJ and dance floor, the Americana rock of Count Smokula, and oh, yeah, Hottie McHottertons smoldering up the room! Sirens include: Mable, Isis Starr, Lolita La Vey, Pepper La Rue, Venus De Mille, Audrey DeLuxe, Victoria Vengeance, Diamondback Annie and, Charlotte La Belle AraigneĆ©.


John Clifford said...

So did anyone go to either of these events? Unfortunately, we had things crop up which caused us to miss both of them.

A report would be appreciated.

Metro Mystic said...

You have information from a show that happened 2 years ago. The show Saturday was wonderful, but only cost $10, and it wasn't a dinner show or an anniversary show. It was a great success for the Legion and Buckingham Burlesque.
Thanks for posting it.

John Clifford said...

mea culpa. Since I didn't want to have to write something from the little info I had, I clipped from somewhere else. Sorry if there was any confusion and glad it was a good show. Sorry I missed it, I've heard nothing but good reports.