Saturday, May 15, 2010

Booty poppin' 7 year olds

Evidently the World of Dance Competition was held in Pomona last month. Who knew? A news story just popped up on the feed at the pomonawatch about a controversy over a routine performed by 7 years to Beyonce's Single Ladies.

I just watched the youtube clip of the performance. These little girls are tremendously talented dancers, but OMG! They are wearing "sexy" black and red knee-highs and lingerie while booty popping.

I'm at once horrified and impressed (and kinda glad I'm not raising a girl in this culture).

Here's the video:


meg said...

I've seen this video posted on Facebook etc -- usually with a horrified commentary -- but I had no idea that it was taped in Pomona!

Pride in Garfield Park said...

When I first read the news feed, I thought it said the girls were *from* Pomona, which left me feeling even more ambivalent :)

Anduhrew said...

wow, they are actually really good... though their clothing is really weird.

When I was in Nicaragua, the little girls, some of them younger, of the town i was in danced MUCH more suggestively. It was even more strange because they had very little access to ANY media, with no electricity except one solar panel for the whole town.

Ed said...

I finally took the time to watch this.

The outfits are a bit scant, but it's a performance. The real challenge for parents is figuring out how to shape the clothing and behavioral choices of our children during the rest of the childhood.

Erin Gratz said...

Well, I'm finally had a chance to catch up on my blog reading and was ready to watch the youtube clip...unfortunately, it has been taken down. bummer.