Sunday, May 9, 2010

General Plan Study Session on Tuesday

The next General Plan study session is set for May 11th at Western University's Cooper Hall (309 E. 2nd Street). The meeting is scheduled to start at 6PM.

The study session will cover a range of topics including the following:
• Pomona Tomorrow—The Future City Structure
  • Mobility
  • Height and Intensity
  • District Character and Market Focus
  • Public Space
  • Community Identity
If you have questions about the study session or the General Plan Update process, you may contact the City of Pomona Planning Division at 909-620-2191, Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 12th, has been cancelled.


richard said...

Hey Im moving to Pomona near kingsly and karesh street is that area bad? I have a wife and a lil boy I'm not in no gang or drugs.... I have been reading crazy stuff about Pomona... Your blog how ever depicts a city that is getting back on track and things are getting better.. Is that so? Plz ur reply is appreciated! I'm just worried for me and my family.... Email me at

John Clifford said...

In addition, according to an ad in the legal classifieds of Today's (5/10) Daily Bulletin, there will be a meeting Thursday, May 14 for District 1 to discuss changes to Fire service. This is in addition to the meeting on the following Tuesday, May 18 for the same subject which appears to be more of a city-wide meeting. It will be interesting to see how the presentation and reception goes for the two different meetings.

Surprisingly there doesn't appear to be a specific District 6 meeting, although Stephen Atcheley (district 6 councilperson) was spearheading the idea of community meetings on the consolidation of the two fire stations in north Pomona.

John Clifford said...

The District 1 Meeting on the consolidation of the fire stations is tonight at 6:30 pm at the city council chambers.

This is to discuss the plan to build a new fire station at Garey and LaVerne and consolidate the two nearest stations into that location. The city has already taken the funding from the fund for a new police station and used it to enter into escrow on the property at Garey and LaVerne.

So we spend the money from the PD to build a new fire station for County Fire.

Ed said...

Here's a question for anyone:
Does the city own the fire stations?

I'm not sure why it matters that the funds for a new fire station were originally intended for a new police station. I'd rather focus on the cost savings of consolidating two stations into one and the length of the payback period after purchasing the land and constructing the building.

John Clifford said...

So we take the funds from a new police station which is badly needed. How will we now fund the police station? I guess the idea is that we will go to Sheriff's and they will deal with it? Sorry, once funding is designated for a need, I see a real problem with "unfunding" the needed project for a project that hasn't even had need determined yet (thus the public meetings).