Sunday, June 13, 2010

just curious

We're getting a whole bunch of hits on the most recent post that are coming directly from Facebook. Is there a M-m-m-my Pomona page on FB or something? If so, somebody let me know -- I wanna join! Or if someone has linked to the post from their own FB page, that would be cool to know, too.

Actually, I wouldn't join a M-m-m-my Pomona Facebook page, mainly because I refuse to join or like anything on FB, for privacy reasons. Those are the things that FB datamines for advertising, and by not liking or joining anything, I never see any ads. But I'd still love to know if such a page is out there.


LALa said...

We posted your comments about the Carmen on Repertory Opera Company's Facebook page and shared it with Nicholas Shelton's page and Danielle Marcelle Bond's page. Everyone is enjoying your thoughts.


Pride in Garfield Park said...

On a related note, there is a FB page called Pomona Pride, hosted by Britney Gallivan. She posts events and such. For those of us on FB, please "friend" Britney's page :)

LALa said...

Very cool, I "like" the Pomona Pride page now. Thanks for the tip.

meg said...

Thanks for letting me know, LizBeth -- that's definitely cool. Loved the photos of rehearsal; I should have asked if you had pix for my post, rather than coopting Callas and Caruso for the job.

Kudos to all of y'all, not just Bond and Shelton!

LALa said...

Thanks. It was quite the undertaking, but we gathered a wonderful group of people, so it was easier than it had any right to be. Its super that you came to represent.