Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Calfironia Bank and Trust closing down in downtown p-town

I just read this article last night (about the California Bank and Trust closing the Pomona branch) and got to thinking. There are three banks in the downtown area that have huge parking lots. Now it's no secret that I'm no friend of parking lots. I consider them to be something that discourages walking and heavily encourages driving. I never enjoy walking across the BofA parking lot to get to downtown and even less enjoy walking past the Chase parking lot to get to Antique Row. Now I can understand that the Chase building has other offices in it but, with the closure of the CBofT Pomona has an opportunity to increase foot traffic to larger areas of Downtown Pomona.

I know this is a long ways off, since we still need to find something to do with the Pomona Pond/Pit. But, I never like to miss an opportunity when I see one. I know we have some council members that are big fans of cars and parking lots. But, what are the the residence's thoughts? We've got a great plan infrastructure that can easily be converted to pedestrian and mass transit oriented movement. Not to mention some of our poorer residents walk, ride bikes, and take the bus anyways. But is this something we'd all want?


David Allen said...

That parking lot, and the bank property, is slated for a multi-story Mission Promenade Phase 2 -- someday.

John Clifford said...

David's correct. And Lake Pomona was slated for housing and retail. The original phase of Mission Promenade took decades so don't look for that Phase 2 too quickly.

Anduhrew said...

i wonder if that's why CB&T decided to pull out?

Pomona Joe said...

I'm worried about that pit. Isn't that the same thing that ate Boba Fett in Return of the Jedi?