Tuesday, January 25, 2011

from pillar to post

To Anon and John and others that are continuing discussions that have been up for a while, it's worth knowing that I have to approve any comment posted to a thread that is more than two weeks old. It's one of the main ways of controlling spam; I'd guess that 90% of the posts that fit this description are spam.

That is not meant to warn you away from discussing street cleaning or anything else you care about! It's just an explanation of why your comments don't appear right away. I approve them as soon as I see them (and I am notified immediately), but sometimes I'm away from the computer (hard to imagine, I know). Sorry for the frustration.

In other news, I intend to do more blogging, esp. after a drink last night with Pride in Garfield Park and Ms. Lois, who formulated for me a whole list of topics. But the one nearest to my heart and head will take a little pondering.

See everybody at the opera!

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John Clifford said...

Thanks Meg for the explanation. I didn't even notice a time lag.