Sunday, October 30, 2011

liberry closure?

Word on the street is that the public library will be closed this saturday "for an event." This "event" may well be the Nazi rally planned -- the thinking being that the fewer people near City Hall, the better all round (which makes sense to me).

This is just through the grapevine, though. If any of you more-knowledgeable folks can confirm or deny, I'm sure we'd all like to know. In any case, make sure and call before you head down to the library on saturday!

The pic of the library, btw, is from a postcard, which I found on sale online for three whole dollars, via an image search on "Pomona public library." Unfortunately, all the sales material actually says "Pamona." Dang, I hate that.

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Ms. Lois said...

That's right, Meg. I just posted this closure on the library's blog. Thanks for getting the word out.