Monday, June 18, 2012

make that "next week"

Apparently (as you know, I'm 357 miles north) city council postponed the library discussion till next week, purportedly to allow for time to hunt for ways to save the library.  I'm just a bit cynical; after all, they had all spring to work on this.  Surely they didn't walk into chambers, clap their hands to their faces like Macauley Culkins, and exclaim, "We had no idea that people would be so opposed!"?

The delay seems like a win for the council.  Fewer people will probably show up next week, and if they do manage to find some kind of solution, it will look as though they were responding to the public.  Kabuki theater, as Calwatch said a few days ago.

Yes, it's cynical to view things this way.  But how did I get so cynical?  By going to council meetings.

I look forward to hearing more from folks who were there or are otherwise better informed.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the exact opposite happen. I hope more people show up next Monday because now I have more time to tell more people. I have no more faith in City Council than you do, but regardless of how little our actions might actually do we can not let our library die with a whimper.