Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pomona Heritage Old Home Restoration Workshop

You've probably seen the yard signs around town. This is Pomona Heritage's annual FREE workshop where you can learn the things that every owner of a vintage home needs to know about a variety of subjects, including how to deal with the city. And they even provide lunch.

This year, as an added bonus, they will be conducting a tour of the treasures of the Pomona Public Library's Special Collections. This area is due to close for the next year under the new working budget and this may be your last chance to see these important historic items for some time to come. The tour will commence AFTER the workshop.


meg said...

I wish I could be there to tour Special Collections! What a great idea. Did you think of that, John?

Ms. Lois said...

Stop by and say hello to me in Children's. It's my last Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Is there a schedule anywhere of what workshop topics are being discussed and at what time?

John Clifford said...

Sorry Meg, I didn't think of it. Mike Schowalter was the one to thank in this case. I'm just putting the word out.

Anon: Unfortunately, I don't have that schedule, but stop by Trinity Church after about 8:30 and the schedule is posted. Yes, it would have been a good idea to post it in advance. I'll try to remember for next year. After 15+ years we're still figuring this stuff out.

I'll certainly stop by Miss Lois and hope everyone else does as well.

John Clifford said...

It turned out to be a wonderful event. Workshops on Native Plants, Wood restoration, reupholstering chairs, City code enforcement and Mills Act, How to research your old home, stenciling, wood floor refinishing, drought tolerant planting, choosing historic paint colors, disaster preparedness, and a free lunch and panel discussion on the future of preservation in Pomona with a panel that included a councilperson, HPC commissioner, Heritage and Historical Society commissioners, and the city planning director.

At 2:30 a fair sized group met in the library conference room to begin a tour of the special collections housed in the Pomona Library. Current (until Aug. 15 when all library staff will be separated) Library Director Bruce Guter showed us a wide selection of the treasures that are housed in the library including old diaries, fruit crate labels, Frasher photos, city directories, the hand-written register of the Palomares Hotel, among others. A truly awe-inspiring afternoon.