Monday, December 3, 2012

Old city council continuing to sit for one more meeting?

Update - the item failed on a 3-3 vote. Carrizosa, Rodriguez, and Rothman voted to deny the plan amendment, Soto, Lantz, and Escobar voted against the denial. 

So it appears from the agenda posting. Since the County has not yet certified the election (scheduled for December 4), that would mean that the existing city council, with the defeated members of District 1 and District 6, would continue to sit in office on December 3.

As Monica Rodriguez of the Daily Bulletin expects that the City Council will make a decision on the equipment dealer issue, rather than punting the item to the new council in two weeks, this item will be taken up near the end of Monday's meeting. These are items 16 and 17. While I do appreciate the resident who submitted my blog post for the record (see the second to last page on Item 16), it will be better if residents show up and make their opinions known at the public hearing, beginning some time after 6:45 p.m. tonight at Pomona City Hall. Certainly other cities are watching - if the Planning Commission decision gets overturned, you can bet other cities will be picking up the phone to King Equipment and encouraging them to reuse their closed auto dealerships, and other businesses will get calls for other cities soliciting them to move to communities which are friendlier to business than Pomona.


John Clifford said...

Unbelievable that they turned down a viable business. AND one that would complement the Home Depot that is supposed to be moving to the new Target center.

So what are we saving that property for? Does someone, say the mayor who was going to ask for a denial of the Planning Commission, have someone who is looking at that property?

Congratulations to Montclair, San Dimas, LaVerne or Ontario, or whomever, for ending up with our project.

Anonymous said...

I guess they turned down Moochie's bribe request ... only a matter of time before this guy is walked out of City Hall in handcuffs.

Ron Vander Molen said...

WE can only hope that is the case! The stupidity of our council continues to show as we head towards a total collapse of our city revenues. Maybe Pomona needs the tough love approach that only a collapse will bring. John, unfortunately this IS the way things are done and have been done in Pomona for so many years, so this is not unbelievable. As far as handcuffs for Moochie, I will believe it when I see it. I think even the Feds say "Its Pomona!"

Ren said...

Well if the Feds do their job they will make it hard for someone. And that someone will end up dropping a dime on Mayor Moochie. Moochie has the smell of the city of Bell.

Eunice Russell said...

I was at this meeting and it is my understanding that a auto auction business is scheduled to move into that location if that is the case where is the synergy they were taliking about. Another thing that bothers me were the young people who spoke at the last meeting in November they failed to stand for the pledge, they threaten council members, and bragged about getting rid of the council members that recently lost and how they intended to get rid of another member or two in the next election. The stated how they looked up to councilwoman carrisosa and she just sat there. When I called her on her failure to correct these young people she told me I should have done it. I am not a public figure and they did not say they looked up to me they look up to her. How can children who can't even vote tell us who they will or won't have as council members? I don't know about the rest of you Pomona residents but I am not going to allow some adults with a hidden agenda to send children to tell me how it's going to be from now on in Pomona. We better stand up for our entire City the same way we stood up for the library because if we don't things will not get better.

Anonymous said...

Well said and good for you, Eunice!

The "Carrizosa Machine" is nasty little network... SHE is the one who should be targeted for long overdue removal. I believe she asked for Chief Romero's head on a platter in exchange for her not running for Mayor in 2008 (giving Pomona to Rothman) and she has engineered things like this for her "Raza" ever since. Their allegiance is NOT to Pomona as an integrated city or to our state or country! Enough !!!!

Anonymous said...

Part 2 of above. Not meaning "La Raza" in general... just the Carrizosa troops.....this makes it hard for the rest of us living in mixed groups who get along and who stand up for USA.

calwatch said...

To correct the record on the King Equipment issue, the business was not an auto auction but an equipment dealership, as clearly stated in the meeting materials. I know that many cities don't post their staff reports online, and for years I used to camp out in the lobby reading staff reports while listening to the meeting going on (even sitting on the table when the chair that is usually provided went missing), but our City Clerk has done an excellent job of posting all of the staff reports online. When they are not online I make a call and they are posted in a few hours. It behooves the public to read them before commenting on an issue, and to use the search function when they have questions instead of trying to get answers from overworked middle management.

Also, I was there when Ms. Russell and Ms. Bakersmith dressed down Carrizosa, and quite frankly that was unnecessary. Carrizosa, in her broken English short of way, was trying to do what we would call the Charles Barkley "I am not a role model" speech. What Ms. Russell and Ms. Bakersmith were trying to do was to tar random youth with the Carrizosa name for political purposes. Unless you have evidence that Carrizosa encouraged these people to show up, to blame her for the alleged rude behavior is unfair. While people should stand for the Pledge of Allegiance in respect to our country (I always do, although I recite the pledge in its pre-1954 form for personal reasons), when they don't stand it says more about them than it says about anyone else.

The same goes for this alleged "taking out" of council members. Everyone in this country, youth, adult, citizen, non citizen, has the right under our First Amendment to the Constitution to speak out, especially on political issues. You may not think they have a valid point, which is your perspective. If they are disruptive, then the mayor should take action - one thing which he has, continually, failed to do. But they have a right to campaign against people and get rid of who they don't like in the next election. If they can't vote, they can still encourage others to vote, contribute time and money, and tell others why they should vote for or against someone. It's a secret ballot. If there is voter fraud being alleged, then report it to the District Attorney. If you think Carrizosa is a sham, vote her out of office, or if you can't wait, recall her. But to say "how dare they" when youth have opinions contrary to someone is, in and of itself, chilling to the core, and I am happy that Ms. Russell failed in her attempt to gain public office.

calwatch said...

And one more thing, from a political standpoint, the voters are in Districts 5 and 6. They were the ones who rejected the opportunity to choose the council members from South Pomona (Measure T failed everywhere but District 1). That was the best opportunity to "remove" Carrizosa, and it failed miserably. If the library campaign was small, the pro-T campaign was nonexistent. An amateur web site, poorly written ballot statement, and no slate mailers.

Unless the anti-Carrizosa forces can door knock and lit drop District 2, Carrizosa will continue to win. I've posted her campaign statements online ( This is not a professional operation. She does her own campaign statements. She spent less than $5,000 on her 2010 re-election. If she is so polarizing, find ONE candidate to run against her, coalesce amongst this person, knock on doors, drop literature, and follow the absentee ballot trail, and she will be defeated.