Sunday, December 16, 2012

Council Swearing in Monday

Monday's city council meeting promises to be short, with the only agendized item the certification of the election and the swearing in of the elected/reelected councilmembers and mayor. There will also be a reception for the new council in the plaza outside the council chambers.

There will surely be thank you speeches for the outgoing members and welcome speeches for the new members.

Festivities start at 6:00 pm (earlier than the normal 6:45 council start times). The public is, as always, invited to attend. This will be a good opportunity to get to the know the council.


John Clifford said...

Please remember, this is a swearing IN, not a swearing AT. :-)

Ren said...


TJ said...

Let the dysfuction and comedy begin!(sad but all too true)

Anonymous said...

HaHa, you said Pomona.