Monday, January 7, 2008

high culture in the low mountains

K is home in H-H-H-His Pomona, but he's been too sick to post here. I'm sure that if he didn't have a rotten cold (thank you, Niece and Neph!) he would be posting up a storm.

I didn't get quite such a bad case of, um, holiday cheer, but I'm still up in the holler. I have no more Pomona sightings from Appalachia to report, but I have encountered one thing that Pomona, I'm pretty sure, ain't got:

An retaurant outhouse -- unheated and unplumbed -- that has a motion-activated paper-towel dispenser.

Come to think of it, I bet restaurants in Pomona aren't allowed to have outhouses in the first place, with or without magic paper-towel dispensers.

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Ed said...

No restaurant review? And I'm referring to the food!