Thursday, January 10, 2008

mine eyes have seen the glory

I touched down in beautiful smoggy ONT yesterday about 4pm, and 5pm found me across the street, thanking our neighbor for having taken care of Furface while both K & I were away. I brought her back some artisanal bacon from up in the holler, plus a t-shirt from Honey Rock Herb Farm, which is the holler equivalent of Dawn Van Allen's Garden.

While we were chatting, I saw my very first bona fide Lincoln Park drug deal! (Needless to say, I've seen lots of drug deals elsewhere, including the Stater Bros. parking lot -- even made a good many back in high school -- but never before on Our Fair Streets.)

I'm used to seeing a middle-aged hispanic guy in a sweatshirt wheeling aimlessly around on a bike that's too small for him, but yesterday he stopped in front of our neighbor's house -- while we were standing 30 feet away -- and a car pulled up next to him. Things were exchanged, and the car raced off. The Pushbike Pusher wheeled off aimlessly off to another block.

Neither Neighbor nor I called the cops, but I think someone did, because the patrol car made about 10 loops of our block in the following hour.

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