Tuesday, February 5, 2008

ed's brilliant map

For further conversation, here's the map that Ed mentioned in the comments of the last post, tracking 2008 murders. Look at us, surrounded by an ocean of blue flags! Let's build a wall to keep those undesirables out.

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Ed said...

The data for the last three months of 2007 shows a similar distribution (except Pomona has a few markers). Many of you may disagree, but I don't think Pomona's problem is crime, I think the city is really bad at PR.

meg said...

I'd agree. Part of that is not just what comes out of the civic mouths, though; it's also the way we present ourselves. When people think Pomona, they think Holt
Ave., not Phillips Ranch. A revitalized downtown will go a long way to redressing that, I hope.

Speaking of which, this morning's paper is saying that the city bought up the Mission Promenade. Does anyone (cough, JC) know more about this?

John Clifford said...

The city took back Mission Promenade to effect the phase II of the project which was held up when the thing went south. Of course, they had to choose the moment in history when the housing market is the most shaky.

A big part of the reasoning is to build the parking structure which was promised when Mission Promenade was originally approved. This would help support the Fox and other new businesses in the area.

As for Pomona's PR problem, Ed hit it on the head. We no longer have a local newspaper to cheerlead for us, so we get what we can get from the DB and LATimes. And they only care about us when there is something "sensational" to talk about, like the murder of a 5-year-old.

me said...

Well that's why the blogs are our chance to cheerlead for ourselves and spread the word. I do think David Allen of the DB raises his pom poms for Pomona too. Perhaps we need to all start writing in letters to the editor to the bulletin as well, and keep more tabs on our City government who often feeds right into the pr problem.

Ed - great map. Can't wait to see February.

G of P

David Allen said...

Chief Romero told one of our editors about the homicide-free month, believing it to be a piece of good news. That led to the story.

Doesn't mean you have to like the story, its placement, etc. You're free to interpret it as you wish. But the chief felt it was a milestone and that was our motivation.

Ed said...

I think Mr. Allen's comment highlights our point about PR. Knowing what to say and when to say it is a true gift and yet, not a quality I consider necessary to be a good police chief. If businesses and politicians can hire experts to shape their message, why not Pomona?

Anyone have any info on other cities?

Regarding the map: I've been trying to record vehicular-related deaths, but it's a little depressing. Suffice it to say, a lot of late teens and twenty-somethings die prematurely. And yet, if there is a bright side for us, Pomona does quite well against this equal-opportunity killer. After all, we may be able to control whether we're in an alley at 4AM buying drugs, but we can't stop someone from speeding or running a red light.

Ed said...

The map has been updated.