Friday, February 22, 2008

In The Community (2/23- 2/28)

It appears John and I had a similar thought (that's a little scary). ;-)

Upcoming Events:
Saturday (23rd):
Sunday (24th):
  • A group of Pomona artists @ 2PM will be painting a tent destined for a family in Darfur. If it rains, the tent can be found at dA Center for the Arts, 252-D S. Main St, otherwise you can see it in front of the Cal Poly Pomona Downtown Center ( 300 block W 2nd street).
  • Tour of California finishes in Pasadena.
Monday (25th):
  • Planning Commission/Council Meeting (see John's post below)
Tuesday (26th):
Wednesday (27th):
Thursday (28th):
  • PUSD Community Meeting 6:30-8:00 PM at Pomona High School. To be discussed: Student Achievement, Educational Programs, District Facilities, School Safety and Security


me said...

Not only a scarey thought, but dangerous!!

G of P

John Clifford said...

It can't be scary because I always post without thinking!