Tuesday, February 5, 2008

notes from a broad

I haven't forgotten you, chaps. After an incredibly fancy business dinner, begun with a gong -- I kid you not -- and ended with a 1972 cognac, I arise this morning, like every morning, to read the Daily Bulletin online.

And I must say, it's a sad day for us when a month without homicides is front-page material in the papers.

Is it my imagination, or does Norma Torres sound positively disappointed? She seems to be muttering under her breath, "Dang, there goes the only grounds I have for giving Joe the heave-ho."


Sherlock said...

You gotta give the DB credit. Twice in just the last week or so, they've written articles mentioning Pomona and murders, even when we don't have one. Any guesses when the next Ethan article will show up?

Kudos to Romero for staying on point. By my count, close to half of the victims last year weren't from Pomona. Bizarre, but still tragic.

John Clifford said...

An unbelieveable front page item. I'm very happy that at least they acknowledged that we could go a month without a murder, but they didn't really do much of a job of talking about the number of killings in other cities in the past month, including a one reported in the paper from Montclair.

The chief's comments were excellent.

Ed said...

I was bothered by what I perceived as bias reporting last year, so I started to track the homicides. Ok, a little morbid, I'll admit. If the map works, it should show the distribution for 2008. I didn't want to stray to far from Pomona and San Gabriel Valleys.


References include SGVT, DB, SBSun, Riverside Coroner, and SB coroner.

Ed said...

Oops, goofed.

Homicides 2008

Anonymous said...

Great work Ed, the stat man! This is definitely informative and allows you to see the whole picture so much clearer.