Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Perhaps you were thinking that P-ROC stands for the People's Republic of China, but you would be wrong, at least for the duration of this public announcement.

Tim has written, as promised, with information about the Repertory Opera Company, which has two upcoming performances in Pomona. The first is this Sunday, at St. Paul's on Alvarado -- a pasta lunch followed by a concert. I'm afraid we'll miss it, because we'll be on the Oregon coast (in fact, your humble correspondent is posting from a wi-fi café in Seattle), but you should go. Report back if you do.

The second event we all have time to plan for: L'elisir d'amour (presumably Donizetti's comic opera -- the info doesn't specify) on August 30 at the Fabulous Fox.

More details are available at the ROC website -- and I have the feeling that Tim will answer any questions posed in the comments.

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