Friday, June 5, 2009

Pomona Fox

Sorry to push the DPOA news down the page, but this is so short, it won't be pushed very far.

The Pomona Neighborhood Watch blog caught a recent OC Weekly article about the Pomona Fox (Tussier?). It's very much worth a read. I particularly like the reference to Pomona's stature in the indie music scene. Being from Seattle, I always took the plethora of music venues and indie bands as a given, but it was only in the process of posting the Glass House events on this blog that I realized how few cities these bands actually hit. And (a little drum roll) Pomona is one of them.

Congrats to everyone who continues the fight. You've got to be a little bit.............Hmmm, what's the word................."SPECIAL" to proudly call Pomona your home (whether past, present, or future).


Anonymous said...

I have tickets to Wilco on the 20th and Cake in August.
I can't wait to experience the Fox as a concert venue!

Anonymous said...

Totally off the subject, but does anyone know what came over "the Goddess?" I hadn't visited her for a while, and now I have to sign in with a password?

David Allen said...

To answer your question: