Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pomona Baking Company

I was under the impression that the Pomona Baking Company would be written up in the DB. Did I miss it?

Hey, it looks like they twitter.

Thanks to Metro Pomona, I finally found it. Here's the link. (Click Here).

I sorta, kinda expected a little more from the article.......I guess if it's in RCNow, it could be argued that it really isn't an article. Too bad since I really enjoy reading Wendy Leung's take on the world. Here's to hoping she gets a chance to write a little bit more on the little bakery in P-town.


Metro Pomona said...

It's up. Check out RC Now.

Wendy said...

Be on the look out for a longer piece on the Pomona Baking Co. in the paper. Maybe next Sunday? Stories got moved around because some pop singer died or something like that.

Ed said...

Much thanks!