Monday, August 3, 2009

Did I just twitter the entire City Council meeting?

I just did. (It is a little obvious when you are the only person typing in the room.)


Gilman said...


Gosh, I wish I had paid more attention to who was typing during the meeting. Great job on the coverage.

I know you are involved in "government" so a quick question for can the council vote to approve a contract, when in fact they have never seen the contract nor has it been made available to the public?

meg said...

Calwatch, you rock. Well done! Please do let us know when you're twittering local affairs.

Anonymous said...

Calwatch, Thanks for the tweets! Excellent idea.


calwatch said...

To answer Gilman's question, the city manager is authorized to execute the actual contract. In other words, they have delegated authority. Now, it has been traditional practice that the contract is published (although it's been a busy week, I don't have time to do the research) - but it does not preclude the manager from approving something as long as the goals expressed in the staff report are maintained.

gilman said...


Thanks for your insights...I agree that is what took place, but that is not what the agenda description called for?

Certainly it could have called for the award of a contract with the City Manager to execute the actual contract....instead it called for approval of contract with Interwwest, yet no contract was ever provided to the Council for review?

I think I have a grasp on how local government works, but I believe that actions proposed need to be described in a manner that alerts the public to the actual matter that is really under consideration.

Strictly from a common sense viewpoint, I can't understand how a contract can be approved when it has never even been viewed nor made available for public viewing?

I must admit, this is the first time I have seen the City elected officials in, what a disappointment.