Sunday, August 2, 2009


OK, this morning didn't start out well at all. Mrs. C went out to get the newspapers and informed me that we got an LA Times but that there was no DB on the driveway. Damn! Now I'd have to read David Allen online.

But then about half an hour later we heard the tell-tale "plop" as a paper was finally delivered. So now I trundled out and picked up my Sunday fix of local news. Once inside I opened up the paper and discovered taht the Flag said "THE SUN."

I was distraught and confused. But the confusion got even worse. Riffling through the paper it appeared that the other sections were the same as I was used to. RCNow, Around the VALLEY, etc. So I went back to the front page, really concerned that I wouldn't get my David Allen fix. But turning to page 4, there was David's smiling face staring back at me. The header of the page said "Inland Valley Daily Bulletin" and all seemed right. So I went back to that front page. I looked at the stories and they appeared to be SB based. I looked at the end of the sidebar on VICTIM OF FRAUD and it was continued on Page 4. But there was no jump on page four, only David's column.

So it looks like my DB got the page 1 from the SUN and nothing else.

UPDATE: I also discovered that I didn't have a DB Sports Section. The sports section in my Sunday paper was from the Redlands Daily Facts. Fortunately, I'm only interested in sports during basketball season and we're not there at the moment.

I think I need another cup of coffee.


meg said...

I ran in the living room to see if we too had gotten the Sun, and yeppers, there it is.

I was at my desk (aka, keeping an eye on the block) when the papers were delivered at 8:30 am (hmph). The same dude tossed one LAT and two (hmph) Suns onto our driveway. Clearly something was up in Newspaperland this morning.

Speaking of what's up in Newspaperland, did you read D-Bomb's column? The lead story was the NW meeting, and M-M-M-My Pomona is quoted!

John Clifford said...

Yep, read David's column and thought that it was funny that Lincoln Park became a "room."

I particularly like the small, very parochial sports section from Redlands. Really looked like a small-town newspaper.