Tuesday, August 25, 2009

let's be careful out there

Across the Neighborhood Watch list comes this warning. I'm sure the NW blog itself will post this soon, but it's better to have read it twice than not at all.

One evening, late last week, a man came to my door about 8:30 pm wearing a shirt with the ADT Security logo. I am a subscriber to ADT for my alarm system and I have a yard sign indicating such. He claimed he was checking on the equipment and wanted to know if if was working. I had my dogs in the house with me and did not open the screen door to him. I told him my alarm was working just fine and he left. I called ADT and they confirmed that they never send out representatives unless a customer has made a service request. They have also had other reports of this activity in our area. ADT's advice was:

Ask anyone claiming to be from ADT for identification and tell them you are going to call ADT to verify their identity. This will cause any imposters to leave. Then call PPD to report the imposter. ADT does not know what these guys are up to, but it's not anything good.

Stay on your toes, folks! Somewhere nearby there's a no-goodnik eager to help him/herself to your prized possessions. (But, I hasten to add, don't be too suspicious of your fellow human beings. Most folks are honest, even those who are really down on their luck.)

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