Thursday, October 29, 2009

Candidate Choices

Am I the only one who finds it a little amusing that the slate of candidates for the PUSD Board of Education is more impressive than the typical City Council election? I counted at least 3 doctorates.

Can we just boot the Council and give the School Board both positions?


meg said...


Anonymous said...

3 doctorates, a BA in econ, a BS in biotech (and apparently a MS in progress?), a BS in urban planning, there's a teacher (probably a BA in liberal studies + credential), an ex-admin (also probably a BA + credential), someone who I can't figure out ever even went to college, and a mt sac student. Makes sense, it's the school board. I guess you wouldn't want someone who didn't get an education heading the board of education! I mined all of this from

Hank Mollet said...

My BA is in creative writing (that's how you know I can work on the budget) and I am close to an MA in Education. (+ my single subject credential in English)

Ed said...

So is Anon saying that we SHOULD want someone who didn't get an education heading the city? Or that advanced degrees are more relevant if one is heading the the Board of Education? Is influencing the path of K-12 education in Pomona more complicated than city governance? REALLY?

Anon, my point is that we need educated candidates to take an interest in city politics or we risk leaving Pomona mired in a lack of vision and victimized by parochial decisions. A city with two universities, a population of 160 thousand, and a budget of a couple of hundred million deserves better leadership.

Anonymous said...

"parochial decisions" = Christina.

Ed... I totally agree with you. Most people that have taken the time to be educated show abilities that others just don't seem to get from street smarts.

Anonymous said...

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