Sunday, October 11, 2009


Me, go clubbing? Not in years. But according to the Daily Bulletin, the city and Angelo's Pizzeria have worked out a deal, and one that seems to preserve its after(pizza)hours club business.

Looking over the terms of the deal, I can't immediately tell what the compromises are. It looks like it will still be a bumpin' place after 8pm (when they will be required to start carding).

Half of me is grumpy about it. I'm still sore about the time K. and I decided (finally) to try Angelo's, but when we got there (at about 8pm on a friday night) it was a complete zoo and was even very-slightly-menacing.

But the other half of me tells that half, "Oh STFU, old lady. Just because you aren't going to dress up like a hoochy-mama and go do the booty clap at a dance club doesn't mean that other people don't have a right. Stop trying to turn Pomona into Claremont."

Rude as Other Half is, I think she's right. I'll just sit home watching Masterpiece Theatre and drinking gin out of a teacup.


John Clifford said...

Remember, Angelo's is spelling challenged and it's Pizzaria. David Allen has pointed this out a couple of times now.

Anonymous said...

My problem with the whole thing is that they had to come up with a "deal". A conditional use permit is very clear in what is and is not allowed. This place is so far away from what it's original c.u.p. allows that it makes one wonder who's palms were greased.
The thing that really ticks me off is that once again, city officials don't seem to care that it looks like palms were greased. A different set of rules for those that can afford them.
People that care that this joint brings down the area don't get a voice in the matter.
This hoochie mama, will never darken that doorstep.

meg said...

John: Ooh, burn! A spelling flame!

Mark: You may be right. Still, I'm generally leery of "bring down the neighborhood" arguments, because it's a blunt tool that can be used against anyone the Powers That Be don't want around -- ethnicities, sexualities, economic strata, etc.

Anonymous said...

You are right Meg... over use of the old "there goes the neighborhood" line can be tiresome but...
this city in the past been so spineless when it comes to enforcing the rules/laws:
1. Raves at the Fox. That building was in no shape to have any kind of event in it. It didn't even have working bathrooms. Permits were ignored and also people actually died from the situation.
The city looked the other way for a long, long time.
2. The tall bank building in downtown had a fire a few years ago. The owner wouldn't let city officials into it to inspect for possible structural damage because of illegal rentals & wiring issues. People could have died.
The city looked the other way.
3. With all the other properties that the Angelo's guy owns in downtown there is sure to continue to be problems. He has a history of skirting the rules/laws.
The city has even loaned him money for the rehab of one of the properties. You would think that the city would keep an eye on "our" investment.
Long story short I don't think that enforcing the law is a bad thing. I wish that most decisions in Pomona were not made with the worry that the city will be sued. I really think that it comes down to that. Quality of life is sacrificed for others when stuff like this goes on.

Ed said...

Any recommendations for a good Pomona pizza?

I don't see how the city or downtown benefits from this 'nightclub', but I guess we have elections to express ourselves.

Back to the other point, Pomona=good pizza? Btw, why aren't there food establishments around Cal Poly?

calwatch said...

When Angelo's was Marie's Red Hill, THAT was good pizza. Angelo's Pizza seems mediocre by comparison.

John Clifford said...

Yes, we've been looking for a good pizza since Maria left (OK left might be a nice way of saying it, but I'll leave it to Mark to rant on that :-).

We've gone to Claremont and beyond before we've found anything edible. With the exception of the New York Pizza on Foothill at the edge of Claremont.

John Clifford said...

Oh, and Meg,

The spelling flame was actually a recognition that Angelo's doesn't know how to spell Pizzeria. Nothing against you, whose spelling has been impeckable, not implicable, oh, screw it, it's been good.

Pride in Garfield Park said...

No good pizza in Pomona or Claremont. But, San Biaggio's in Upland -- now that is good pizza!!

Anonymous said...

Pizzaria or Pizzeria
how give a.....

Below are few restaurants with spelling pizzaria

just google pizzaria and see how many show up.

Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous
Ref: condition use permit

You are talk out of you a..
you do not now what if any conditions of the c.u.p where violated.
The only grease is what is dripping from your hair.
You are a moran.

Anonymous said...

reply to Mark
3. With all the other properties that the Angelo's guy owns in downtown there is sure to continue to be problems. He has a history of skirting the rules/laws.....

The only person that has is wearing a skirt is you.... do not be a p...
What rules laws where broken, are you going by hear say or you you talking out of you a..

Anonymous said...

Dear ED
Re: Good Pizza

Try Angelo's Ristorante & Sports Bar, located downtown
Great Pizza and Pasta, opens at 11 am till 10 pm, entertainment from 10-2 pm
watch your sports on 10 screen tv,

Anonymous said...

First of all i'd like to point out that we are talking about Pomona, beautiful Pomona. Where the homeless sleep and where people are out on the streets using drugs, and your focus is on a pizza restaurant??!! Check the sign people it says sports bar (regardless of the spelling ! Which that sign isn’t even up anymore ! ). Yes it may have been a “pizza parlor" as someone recently said in one of the meetings. That was back in the day when the previous owner owned it. This restaurant is open during the day serving lunch and dinner to the downtown people. Where a lot of people working for the city and from the courts come to eat. but no one seems to mention that. Yes they (Angelo’s) have a couple of nights out the week where they do nightly entertainment, is that a crime? Come to think about it Angelo’s is NOT the only bar on second street. Let’s review. Characters, where there has been shootings, stabbings, a murder and you don’t see anyone shutting them down and they are open until 2 am everyday of the week. and nothing like that has happend at Angelo's. Then we take a look at the Glasshouse and the Fox Theatre, where the punk rock kids hang out and walk the streets while tagging along side of the church and destroying our “beautiful Pomona”. For gods sake the Fox hosted Marilyn Manson !! Oh ! and the brick ! I over heard someone say that there are “topless” dancers at Angelo’s. God only knows what goes on there at the brick! (Rumored to be true) although you don’t see ANYONE pressuring them and you don’t see the city looking to revoke or suspend their license. Look at our second street altogether. Its terrible, the empty buildings, the homeless sleeping on the sidewalks. This city has a bigger problem than a pizza restaurant, how about focusing on the gang members and the homeless and help make our “beautiful Pomona”, Beautiful again !

Skrip said...

I'm sort of with the let Angelos get another chance, as long as they clean it up and perhaps enforce stricter codes for entry. I remember many 'restaurant/clubs' had this back in the 90s (NO baggy pants, chains, hats, etc.)

I was told Angelos Night was 18 and over, and that to me spells a 'problem' automatically. Not only because of the possibility of underage drinking, but even if you take that away completely, they can still drink right before they go inside. Trust me, I've done that back in my days. 21 & over is better, but doesnt mean there will be no problems either.

As for Pizza, I've really enjoyed Pizza N Such in Claremont. Round Table isn't too bad either, beats Pizza Hut in a second. The other place around here I've eaten pizza at is Lamp Post in Upland, and it was just OK, but their beer selection made up for it. I have never eaten at Angelo's in Pomona, but I think I'll stop by for lunch and try them out.

Isn't there an Angelo's in Monterey Park/Alhambra?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous Oct 12 10:39 & 10:47

I would like to point out the irony of being called a "moran" when it's actually moron.
As for your gentle put down with the word "skirt". Hilarious.
As for where I got my information on the c.u.p. to form my opinion, I had a city council member on my front porch for an hour talking about it. Being a citizen of Pomona, I like to keep informed. When I am informed, I form opinions and I type them down on this thingy called the internet.
Oh, and I read the paper.

meg said...

Five posts from a pretty-riled-up Anonymous, posted within half an hour from the same IP address. Okay, 'fess up, regular readers: Is someone trying to give Jason Abboud a bad name?

In any case, keep it civil, people. Future comments will be removed if they contain insults, name-calling, or other ad-hominemery.

Anonymous said...

For good pizza at a good price, Pomona Baking Company! Duh!

(slightly uncivil)

meg said...

Excellent point, Anon. If only the PBC would deliver tasty pies to the house of an evening...

(And I would call your observation both civil and civic. Let's just put it this way: "Duh" counts as protected speech.)

John Clifford said...


Anon seems to be more riled up over someone suggesting that Angelo's has problems than the rest of us do with the actual problems.

1. While there are others who use "Pizzaria," it is not in any dictionary that I could find. The proper spelling is "Pizzeria." So my spelling flame stands!

2. The original Angelo's that got the original CUP was NOT a sports lounge. It was presented to the city as a pizza parlor. If it had been presented as a sports lounge, it would have been treated differently in the first place.

3. Entertainment was not in the original CUP. That requires a separate CUP. Angelo's was in violation of that rule. Both the Fox and the Glasshouse have Entertainment CUPs. They had to submit security plans and other special information in order to receive their entertainment CUPs. Angelo's didn't.

4. Pomona has problems. Yes, and they need to be addressed. But adding unlicensed entertainment venues and a disregard for the rules does nothing to help. Maybe Angelo's isn't our greatest problem, but it's the attitude that this is "ugly Pomona" so why cen't I be ugly is not what we want to encourage.

And, OMG, the Marilyn Manson argument! Now I'm really scared.

Oh, and I'm not Anonymous. I don't hide. So, while I respect your desire not to be known, if you're going to call someone names, have the courage to do it in the open.

Meg, hopefully this wasn't too inflammatory.

Ed said...

PBC for good pizza.....yes, but the hours are a bit challenging if you're looking for pizza at a specific time.

Thanks for the suggestions. If San Biaggio's is adjacent to Handel's ice cream, it may be on the short list.

I'm one of those Pomona residents that drag two children along when they go for pizza, so I drifted away from Angelo's (and therefore, downtown on those nights) when they shifted to a different clientele. Given the demographics of Pomona, I'd have guessed at least some demand for a family-friendly pizza place. Oh well, I'm sure we can trust that Freddie Rodriguez and the rest of the Council has a long term vision for Pomona......I'm just not sure I see the value of yet another nightclub in that picture.

Thanks for the pizza ideas. We're regulars at PBC so that may be the first choice. Then Biaggio's.

Robin said...

Restaurants near Cal Poly? Yesterday I was at Temple Ave. and Pomona Ave. and noticed 6 or 7 restaurants. I don't know anything about them except they are there.

pomona's art colonists said...

Best Pizze, I mean Pizza, in Pomona is Valentino's Pizza in the shopping center on the corner of Arrow and Towne. Also try the Calzone and the wings.

I live in the Art's Colony and have seen the whole thing evolve. Angelo's first of all has good pizza but horrible service. It seems like they could care less about the restaurant part of it since they're probably making enough on the club. I don’t mind the Club’n but the problems they have could only get worse. First you start with fights, car break-ins, loud music etc. then you end up with shootings.

Clubs are not necessarily the problem. The problem is lack of security, over crowding, probably under age drinking, and the type of crowd the promoters are attracting. Hoochies, booze, and high schoolers always equal a fight in the parking lot, it’s just part of the fun. Not sure how to solve this, but more security might help. Keep that place in control and keep our city cops from swarming the place every weekend. Also it’s just too small of a venue for the amount of people they attract. Poor kids look like sardines hanging over the railing outside on the patio. Isn’t there an occupancy code? I’m sure that’s a serious violation for the Fire Dept.

The main point is you can’t just look the other way. We don’t want another shooting and we don’t like car break-ins. The Club is fine, just keep it under control.

Anduhrew said...

There are no restaurants around Pomona because most of the area used or still is to be farmland. There was recently an opportunity for the area across the street of Valley(Holt) to have a lot of services but some genius thought it'd be a great idea to build a corporate park that has been vacant since it was built two years ago. The nearest restaurants aren't very close to campus and are on Pomona and Temple, everything on campus is fast food so if i forgot lunch I have to drive off campus to eat. Jojo's Pizza is there and great! There's a mexican joint, a sushi place, Curry up, subway, Carl's Jr across the street is a Teriyaki place and a sandwich shop. So as you can see, not many options. I say Pomona should convert the corporate park to a service industry park, so we don't have to drive to eat healthy!