Saturday, May 17, 2008

Boob Toob Blues 5/17


Tennessee Walking Horse Show**Parking at Gate 12 on White** 6:30-10PM FREE
Computer Fair **Parking at Gate 9 on White** 10-5PM
LA T-Birds Building 9 7-10PM

Tennessee Walking Horse Show**Parking at Gate 12 on White Ave 1:30-11PM FREE
Computer Fair **Parking at Gate 9 on White** 10-5PM

City of Pomona
City Council Meeting is cancelled for lack of quorum (not posted on city calendar) . Rescheduled for Monday, May 27. I think it could read Monday, May 26 (Memorial Day), but more likely the meeting is Tuesday, May 27.

Metro Pomona
AMOCA **Opening Reception for "America's First Pottery: Pueblo Clay" 6-9PM
Glasshouse ** Featuring Eisley, The Myriad, Vedera** 7PM

Glasshouse ** Featuring Matt Costa** 7PM

The galleries downtown constantly run exhibitions so check out the gallery link at MetroPomona for a list of the galleries, their exhibits and their business hours.

Pomona Public Library
Tues-Thurs: Homework club from 4-6PM
Tues: 10:15 Storytime age 2-5
Wed: 3:30 Grandparents & Books

Coates Cyclery is having a Great American Bike Sale (ends 5/18)
Pasadena Heritage is celebrating Preservation Month with a guided tour on Sunday.
Berry Good Frozen Yogurt on Mission (Sat. open till 8:00PM, Sun open till 6PM)**


John Clifford said...

Sorry I didn't get this up earlier.

There is a public information meeting on Wednesday, May 21 in the Planning Department on the Mills Act. The Mills Act allows owners of historic properties to use tax savings for the preservation, renovation, and maintenance of historic properties. Homeowners in historic districts (or single historic structures) can get a tax savings of up to 40-60%. The savings have to be used for work on the structure which maintains it in a historic manner.

More information will be available at the meeting in the Planning Department at 5:00 pm.

There is also a scheduled meeting regarding the intersection of Monroe and Orange Grove in the Council Chambers on Thursday, May 22 at 6:30 pm. This meeting is a follow-up to an earlier meeting to discuss the possibilities of closing Monroe at Orange Grove or in some other way diverting traffic at that intersection. The public is invited.

Ed said...

How did the Planning Department notify the public? I didn't see any reference on the city calendar. I didn't receive any mailers from the city or my Council member. Why not commandeer the Planning Commission meeting or the Historic Preservation meeting this month since both were canceled for lack of agenda items?

2008 Mills Act Program

John Clifford said...

I'm not sure how notification was done on the Mills Act meeting. I know that Pomona Heritage got notified, but both Deb and I are dealing with family health issues right now and have not been on top of things as we should be. I got a call this morning from Mitch Elias, who's on the HPC, and he was concerned because we hadn't sent out emails to the membership (there was also a meeting this morning that it was WAY to late to notify anyone about. I did get an email blast out shortly prior to posting here, so hopefully we'll have some turnout tomorrow night.

As for the Monroe issue, a notice was sent to all homeowners in a specific area (I'm not sure how wide the distribution was--we're a few houses from the corner so . . .). I felt that anyone with an interest in the traffic through the neighborhood might be interested, so I posted.

Ed said...

John, you don't need to apologize.

I can understand the limited notice of the Monroe meeting. It may impact other streets if traffic gets diverted, but I would've been shocked to see the city provide wider notice.

Mills Act: Why are volunteer organizations expected to get the word out on the Mills Act? Does the Pomona Heritage membership even include 10% of the property owners in the historic districts? Why aren't the Council members clamoring for better notification? Why didn't the Planning Department approach the Council members and ask them to distribute a flyer to the affected owners using their discretionary funds?

Just sittin' here thinking the process should work better.

John Clifford said...


I do know that I was approached by George Hunter who asked if I'd be willing to talk at some "informational meetings" on the Mills Act that he was putting together for the Wilton District. So it may just be that the council people just haven't gotten it together yet. Hopefully Paula and Stephen will also ask for help in getting out the word in their districts (Lincoln Park and Hacienda Park repectively).

No PH doesn't have more than 10% of residents but we do have members who talk to their neighbors, so we hope that our outreach (which also hasn't started yet) will help.

I think that the two meetings (yesterday and today) were the Planning Departments first efforts at outreach. I agree that they weren't very good at getting the word out. Hopefully, moving forward, that will change.